Weecreate Concepts

Weecreate Concepts uses recycled materials in environmentally conscious and innovative ways.


the Individuals

Marsha Trepte and Chenelle Etienne are two creatives that met during their Visual Arts Degree programme at the University of the West Indies. After UWI, Chenelle and Marsha took a short course on theatrical makeup which exposed them more to business and entrepreneurship for the creative individual. It was at that point that the decision was made for Chenelle and Marsha to team up and form the company Weecreate Concepts.

the Company

Weecreate Concepts is an Art & Design company that provides creative design solutions for clients. The banners are just one of several ideas. They endeavour to produce high quality work in all areas of Art and Design in a socially conscious, environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

When asked where they see their company heading in the future, Marsha explained: “We feel strongly about sustainable Art and Design projects and would focus our energies in being creative in those areas. We are environmentally conscious individuals and would like to do more work to see Trinidad and Tobago moving forward in a positive way in this regard.”

Weecreate Concepts were able to produce 2 large totes, 5 makeup bags of different sizes, 1 apron and 2 belts from a single, recycled UpMarket Banner. UpMarket was founded on the idea of using what we have locally to think outside of the box and create unique items. We salute Marsha and Chenelle for their great work and vision.

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