How do I become a vendor at the market?

Craft: Send some pictures or a link to your work here. Also, include a phone number where you can be reached.

Food:  You need a food badge to sell food. An email should be sent here giving details of what you would like to sell. We will then make arrangements to meet to sample the items you would like to sell.

We favor thinking outside of the box, using local ingredients. We stay away from foods with preservatives and other unhealthy additives.

Small business: Email a description of items you would like to sell with a link or pictures here.

How often is the market held?

The market is held monthly. However, coming closer to Christmas it is held weekly (usually starting from the middle of November).

Do you only sell local items?

Quality, local items are our main focus. We also have traders who bring in work from global artisans, health products, and gadgets. All items need to be approved beforehand.

Where is the market held?

The market is held at Woodbrook Youth Facility,  15-17 Hamilton-Holder Street, Port of Spain. During November through Christmas, the market is held at Trinidad Country Club, Champs Elysées, 137 Long Circular Road, Port of Spain.


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